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We believe leaders can transform the world. We believe they can transform families, companies, and even governments. We believe this because we have witnessed transformation first hand.

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We believe our role is to help business leaders create workplaces where performance is valued, customers are treated like royalty, and everyone believes they are in sales.

Real Estate

We believe a home is a special place where people gather, lives are changed, and memories are born. Our commitment is to be with clients every step—from vision to negotiation to close.


We believe in the power of emotion to help people succeed in business and life. Our team is passionate about creating written, visual, and audio resources to dramatically change the world.









Zeni Values

** The ultimate measure is financial AND social profit. **


    Our teams must think differently to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. We must ask "what if's" and not see structure as a threat.


    Everything begins and ends with leadership. We must have a goal, a path, and ability to adapt. This requires people of all perspectives, skills and opinions.


    We believe in the value of simplicity. We believe this for three reasons: (1) simplicity can be applied immediately, (2) simplicity is easier to remember, and (3) complexity creates chaos.   

Specializing in Small-to-Mid Sized Companies and Divisions

MultiUnit • Franchise • Hospitality • Retail • Government • Construction • Supply Chain • Start Ups

The Tipping Point Game

written by Zander Curtis Thornton

Are people really your most important asset? The Tipping Point Game provides leaders a candid guide for credibly answering this and 5 other key questions.

1) Do you use data or emotion to define “A” performance?
2) What is your plan to find, develop & reward “A” performance?
3) What is your plan to eliminate or convert negative performance?
4) Who is in charge of your people strategy?
5) Is culture safe for both artists and scientists? 

After many years as a consultant & executive, Curtis discovered a framework most successful leaders use to ignite positive-impact “A” performance and eliminate the destruction of negative-impact performance.

That journey lead to The Tipping Point Game—a game all leaders play, most leaders know they are playing, but few are winning.


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